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who we are.

Studio Greenstone is an architecture and interior design atelier working between the UK and the south of France. We work both remotely and on site using 3D design software to develop projects from conception to completion. Studio Greenstone combines green architectural principles with the context of heritage, combining sensitivity with practicality.

michael baldwin.

BArch MArch PGCert ARB OA Architect

Michael is a founding member of Studio Greenstone. During his architectural education at the Kent School of Architecture and the Oxford School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University, he has developed a strong passion for environmentally conscious design and the preservation of the natural environment. Specialising in sustainable building design he has a good understanding of the principles of self sufficient buildings. 

Michael has worked across a diversity of scales, typologies and countries, from high end residential properties in Cannes, to small commercial properties in Parma, to large residential and commercial properties in central London. The variety in experience and context has helped Michael to hone his design approach and understanding of client needs. Over the last few years Michael has combined his time in the studio with getting his hands dirty working on a number of small scale construction projects. His on site experience has translated into a deep understanding of construction, fuelling his practical approach to design. Michael’s ability to approach any task with a problem solving manner, aided by his ability to adapt and communicate across three languages, English, French and Italian, help him to see each project as a unique opportunity to create sensitive and user friendly low impact designs. 

amy parkin-brown.

BArch MArch PGCert ARB Architect

Amy has been a member of Studio Greenstone since its formal beginnings. After studying her bachelors at the University of Nottingham she went on to specialise in International Architectural Regeneration and Development at the Oxford School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University, where she honed her skills and approach to the use of existing buildings. 

Amy has gained experience across a range of sectors specialising in commercial urban regeneration for the first part of her career and moving on to regeneration and conservation architecture in more recent years, under the direction of Ptolemy Dean, Surveyor of the Fabric for Westminster Abbey. Her knowledge and passion for the built environment, with a strong foundation on research, translates into her approach. Amy approaches each design problem with a focus on understanding needs, desire, context and history. She has a keen eye for detail and brings this rigorous design approach into the studio, playing a leading role in design discussions. Her understanding of how a building is used day to day translates into every design decision which is balanced seamlessly with Michael’s practical building approach. In recent years Amy has begun to focus on the interior finishes of a project, focussing on the furnishings and layout/usability of the space, as well as the architectural design, bringing another layer to the studio’s offer. 

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