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Whether you are constructing a new building or adapting an existing property, we offer a variety of architectural design services to guide you through the design, planning and construction processes. We have subcategorised these into three typical building phases: Pre-planning, Planning, and Post-planning. The services can be undertaken as a whole or as individual packages, depending on your project needs. There is no obligation to undertake all of the stages listed.


Project Brief - Consultation

  • We will ask questions, listen and understand what you are trying to achieve. This will culminate with a formal project brief that summarises our understanding of your needs and aspirations for the project.

Concept Design - Feasibility Report

  • We undertake some preliminary appraisals to assess the feasibility of the project. This is in order to understand as much about the building as possible before we proceed to make initial design proposals. Ideally it includes as much of the site's history as we can find, along with any relevant planning history of the property. This will inform if, how and why modifications have been carried out.

  • The report allows us to propose design options that could be considered 'feasible'. We will produce a series of sketch plans, sections and elevations that illustrate the general massing and layout of the proposed design.  


Detailed Design - Planning Drawings

  • The planning drawings transform concept designs into something that can actually be built. A planning package typically includes plans, sections and elevations at varying scales from 1:500 to 1:50, along with 3D isometric views and exterior and interior perspectives.

  • Once agreed, the design will be submitted for planning approval by the local authority.


Technical Design - Tender Documentation

  • Following the planning outcome, we can produce all the drawings, details and schedules required to be able to tender to builders for an estimated construction price.

Construction - Building Works

  • Our registered Architect’s will oversee the construction and ensure the building is built to the design that was agreed at earlier stages. We will carry out regular inspections and site visits, monitor progress, deal with site queries, instruct any additional work and ensure the materials and workmanship meet acceptable standards.



interior design.

Whether you are undertaking building work or require a new look, we also offer an interior design service. This service can be undertaken as a separate entity or as part of our architectural services.

  • This can include room furnishing layouts, colours and moods, joinery and detailing, architectural lighting and furniture schedules.

  • For those with difficulty imagining the built environment, we also offer a visualisation service to help you understand your project better. This can be to varying detail, illustrating both internal and external spaces. 

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